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Customized Orders

If you would like to order customized treats (whether a dozen purple sugar cookies or rainbow, sprinkle, chocolate strawberries) I am happy to create them for you! You can either send me a direct message through my online chat, my Instagram account, or through the form below. 

Catering Orders

Once you decide on which package you prefer, please fill out the below form for further ordering. 


Select an option

Thank you for completing. I will respond shortly!

Sample Platter

Number of Guests: Approx. 12 people

- A dozen assorted cookies

- 6 assorted brownies

- A dozen dipped treats (your choice of strawberries, oreos, or pretzels)

30 treats

$72  $80


Package 1

Number of Guests: Approx. 15-30 people

- 2 dozen assorted cookies

- 18 count of assorted brownies

- 18 count of dipped treats (Chose two desserts; strawberries, oreos, or pretzels)

60 treats

$175 $195


Package 2

Number of Guests: 50-100 people

- 5 dozen assorted cookies

- 36 count of assorted brownies

- 3 dozen assorted dipped treats

132 treats

$369 $410


Package 3

Number of Guests: 150-200

- 9 dozen assorted cookies

- 90 count of assorted brownies

- 7 dozen assorted dipped treats

282 treats

$648 $720



If none of the above packages meet your event's needs, you

can request a customized order. Prices will be based on 

size and design of order that will be calculated after form submission.

Prices may vary

Custom Order

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