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Customized Orders

Catering Orders

Sample Platter

Number of Guests: Approx. 12 people

- A dozen assorted cookies

- 6 assorted brownies

- A dozen dipped treats (your choice of strawberries, oreos, or pretzels)

30 treats

$72  $80


Package 1

Number of Guests: Approx. 15-30 people

- 2 dozen assorted cookies

- 18 count of assorted brownies

- 18 count of dipped treats (Chose two desserts; strawberries, oreos, or pretzels)

60 treats

$175 $195


Package 2

Number of Guests: 50-100 people

- 5 dozen assorted cookies

- 36 count of assorted brownies

- 3 dozen assorted dipped treats

132 treats

$369 $410


Package 3

Number of Guests: 150-200

- 9 dozen assorted cookies

- 90 count of assorted brownies

- 7 dozen assorted dipped treats

282 treats

$648 $720



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15% Off All Items

If you would like to order customized treats (whether a dozen purple sugar cookies or rainbow, sprinkle, chocolate strawberries) I am happy to create them for you! You can either send me a direct message through my online chat, my Instagram account, or through the form below. 

Custom Order


If none of the above packages meet your event's needs, you

can request a customized order. Prices will be based on 

size and design of order that will be calculated after form submission.

Prices may vary

Custom Order

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